Anna Borgortz

b. between June 1871 and May 1872
Marriage* Anna Borgortz and Paul Sauter, son of William Sauter and Magdalena Margaret Trettin, were married. 
Birth*Anna Borgortz was born between June 1871 and May 1872 at Minnesota, USA. 

Edna Caroline Borgstrom

Marriage* Edna Caroline Borgstrom and Murlin Duane Olson were married. 

Unknown Borgstrom

FatherWilhelm Borgstrom
MotherEleanor Marsollek

Wilhelm Borgstrom

Marriage* Wilhelm Borgstrom and Eleanor Marsollek were married. 

Agnes H. Borka

Marriage* Agnes H. Borka and Oscar Arthur Ess were married. 


Oscar Arthur Ess

Doris Marie Borka

Marriage* Doris Marie Borka and Gerald Anthony Worm were married. 

Nancy Kay Borka

Alvin Edwin Borkenhagen

Marriage* Alvin Edwin Borkenhagen and Lorena Urban were married. 

Jacob Borkenhagen

Name Variation Jacob Borkenhagen was also known as Borkhagen. 



Margie Irene Borkenhagen

FatherAlvin Edwin Borkenhagen
MotherLorena Urban

Paulina Borkenhagen

b. 18 March 1843, d. 22 August 1912
FatherJacob Borkenhagen
Name Variation Paulina Borkenhagen was also known as Borkhagen. 
Name Variation Paulina Borkenhagen was also known as Pauline. 
Birth*She was born on 18 March 1843 at West Prussia, Germany. 
Marriage* On 30 November 1858 Paulina Borkenhagen and August H. Ristau, son of Christian Ristau and Marie Natoline, were married at West Prussia, Germany. 
Death* On Thursday, 22 August 1912 at age 69, she died at Illinois, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Paulina Borkenhagen on 25 August 1912 at Illinois, USA.. 
Burial On 25 August 1912 Paulina Borkenhagen was buried at Illinois, USA. 


August H. Ristau b. 2 Feb 1833, d. 16 Mar 1909
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(?) Borkgren

Cynthia M. Borkgren

Jeff Borkgren

Karly Borkgren

Louise M. Borman

d. 12 February 1928
Marriage* On 12 October 1920 Louise M. Borman and Joseph L. Loch were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 12 February 1928, she died at Minnesota, USA. 

Mildred Borman

Marriage* Mildred Borman and Wilbert Schoen were married. 

Bradley James Born

b. 11 August 1980, d. 25 January 2003
Birth*Bradley James Born was born on 11 August 1980 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 25 January 2003 at age 22, he died. 

Brian Steven Born

Clara H. Born

Marriage* Clara H. Born and Charles J. Dietzel, son of Charles John Dietzel and Margaret Plackner, were married. 


Charles J. Dietzel

Daniel Eugene Born

MotherClara Mae Converse b. 30 Jul 1924, d. 8 May 2005

Daniel Eugene Born Jr.

Donald Eugene Born

FatherGustav E. Born
MotherFanny Frances Makutch

Elmer W. Born

d. 6 November 1986
Marriage* On 12 April 1947 Elmer W. Born and Betty J. Jacobi, daughter of Edgar August Jacobi and Nelda L. Grotegut, were married at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 6 November 1986, he died. 
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Evelyn Emma Born

b. 18 May 1925, d. 30 November 2014
FatherFerdinand Oscar Friedrich Born b. 27 Jul 1898, d. 19 Apr 1926
MotherAnna Elizabeth Finkel b. 6 Dec 1898, d. 12 Jan 1981
Birth*Evelyn Emma Born was born on 18 May 1925 at Minnesota, USA. 
BaptismShe was baptized on 7 June 1925 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 28 October 1944 Evelyn Emma Born and Marvin Henry Ische Sr. were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 30 November 2014 at age 89, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Evelyn Emma Born on 5 December 2014 at Minnesota, USA.. 
Burial On 5 December 2014 Evelyn Emma Born was buried at Minnesota, USA. 


Marvin Henry Ische Sr. d. 13 Jun 1984
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