Lily Blunck

George Blundell

Marriage* George Blundell and Mabel M. Paasch, daughter of William Frederick Paasch and Emma Voss, were married. 


Mabel M. Paasch b. Feb 1886, d. 1945
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Ida Emma Blundell

b. 15 September 1912, d. 27 May 1969
FatherGeorge Blundell
MotherMabel M. Paasch b. Feb 1886, d. 1945
Birth*Ida Emma Blundell was born on 15 September 1912. 
Death* On Tuesday, 27 May 1969 at age 56, she died. 
Burial* Ida Emma Blundell was buried at Michigan, USA. 
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Violet Blundell

FatherGeorge Blundell
MotherMabel M. Paasch b. Feb 1886, d. 1945

Ilene Blunt

Marriage* Ilene Blunt and Merlin Francis Rink were married. 

Marlin Gene Blythe

Marriage* Marlin Gene Blythe and Mary Rose Rosemary Cramer were married. 

Rick Marlin Blythe

FatherMarlin Gene Blythe
MotherMary Rose Rosemary Cramer

Unknown Son #1 Blythe

Unknown Son #2 Blythe

(?) Boatman

(?) Bobsin



Frank B. W. Bock

b. 26 July 1893, d. March 1966
FatherFrank Bock Sr. b. 7 Jan 1865, d. 1 Nov 1936
MotherWihelmina Roehrborn b. 17 Jan 1869, d. 2 Apr 1935
Birth*Frank B. W. Bock was born on 26 July 1893 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* In March 1966 at age 72, he died. 
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Frank Bock Sr.

b. 7 January 1865, d. 1 November 1936
FatherFranz Bock
MotherWilhelmine Ahrens
Marriage* Frank Bock Sr. and Wihelmina Roehrborn, daughter of Christian William Roehrborn and Johanna Doebert, were married. 
Birth*Frank Bock Sr. was born on 7 January 1865 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 1 November 1936 at age 71, he died at Wisconsin, USA. 


Wihelmina Roehrborn b. 17 Jan 1869, d. 2 Apr 1935
ChartsRoehrborn Family Tree

Franz Bock

Marriage* Franz Bock and Wilhelmine Ahrens were married. 


Wilhelmine Ahrens

Sophia Bock

Marriage* Sophia Bock and August William Bremer were married. 


August William Bremer

Virginia Bock

Maria Bockelmann

Marriage* Maria Bockelmann and Henry Kruse were married. 


Henry Kruse

Hayley Marie Bocock

Mark James Bocock

FatherRonald Lee Bocock
MotherSusan Marie Schulte

Ronald Lee Bocock

Marriage* Ronald Lee Bocock and Susan Marie Schulte were married. 

Tammy Rose Boddy

(?) Bode

(?) Bode

Alfred Bode

Marriage* Alfred Bode and Violet Anderson were married. 

Alwina Bode

Marriage* Alwina Bode and Fred Stolt were married. 


Fred Stolt