Myrtle Baylor

FatherJames E. Baylor b. 26 May 1857, d. 19 Feb 1887
MotherNellie L. Hatfield b. 9 Mar 1859, d. 24 Apr 1914

Alvin F. Baysinger

Marriage* Alvin F. Baysinger and Cora L. Laffen were married. 

Marlene Dora Baysinger

FatherAlvin F. Baysinger
MotherCora L. Laffen



Effie T. B. Bazeal

Marriage* Effie T. B. Bazeal and James Lateral McKamey were married. 


James Lateral McKamey

Matthew Bazik

Lona Jane Beach

Marriage* Lona Jane Beach and Joseph Emil Nelson were married. 

Marian M. Beagle

b. between April 1904 and March 1905
Name Variation Marian M. Beagle was also known as Beegle. 
Birth*She was born between April 1904 and March 1905 at North Dakota, USA. 
Marriage* On between 1924 and 1927 Marian M. Beagle and Sigurd Everett Follese Sr., son of Martin Mikal Follese and Karn Helene Sjursaet, were married. 
Burial* Marian M. Beagle was buried. Plot: "Sec 8 Row 8". 


Sigurd Everett Follese Sr. b. 27 Feb 1898, d. 15 May 1974

Amanda Beal

MotherCarolyn R. Keno b. 9 Sep 1961, d. 2 Jul 2004

Randy Beal

Janna M. Beale

FatherRaymond Paul Beale b. 1 Dec 1953, d. 22 Mar 1989

Raymond Paul Beale

b. 1 December 1953, d. 22 March 1989
Birth*Raymond Paul Beale was born on 1 December 1953 at Pennsylvania, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 22 March 1989 at age 35, he died at California, USA. 

Hazel Beals

Marriage* Hazel Beals and William G. Jungenberg were married. 
Name Variation Hazel Beals was also known as Hazel Haskins. 


William G. Jungenberg

Albert August Bear

Marriage* Albert August Bear and Alys Pauline Anderson were married. 

Janice Jean Bear

FatherAlbert August Bear
MotherAlys Pauline Anderson

Robena Bearden

Marriage* Robena Bearden and Charles David Culpepper were married. 


Charles David Culpepper

Glen Douglas Bearson

Marriage* Glen Douglas Bearson and Jeanne Marie Splitstoser were married. 
Divorce*Glen Douglas Bearson and Jeanne Marie Splitstoser were divorced before 2010. 

Heidi Jo Marie Bearson

FatherGlen Douglas Bearson
MotherJeanne Marie Splitstoser

Chester Garner Beasley

Paul Garner Beasley

Margaret Viola Beaton

Marriage* Margaret Viola Beaton and William Augusta O'Neill were married. 

Reverend Thomas Beattie

Darlene Mary Beauchamp

FatherXavier Beauchamp
MotherMary Reintjes

Helen Beauchamp

Marriage* Helen Beauchamp and Ovide Demarais were married. 

Jared Beauchamp

Xavier Beauchamp

Marriage* Xavier Beauchamp and Mary Reintjes were married.