Lydia Bathen

Marriage* Lydia Bathen and Edward Knacke were married. 


Edward Knacke

David Jeffrey Bathke

Sue Bathke

June Elizabeth Battcher

Marriage* June Elizabeth Battcher and William Robert Deno were married. 

Merlin Stanley Battcher

Marriage* Merlin Stanley Battcher and Josephine Dell Bailey were married. 

Ramona Katherine Battcher

FatherMerlin Stanley Battcher
MotherJosephine Dell Bailey

Roberta Kay Battcher

Marriage* Roberta Kay Battcher and Michael Dale Latzke were married. 

Eugene Duane Battleson

Marriage* Eugene Duane Battleson and Dolores Anna Burstad were married. 

Rosilyn Rise Battleson

FatherEugene Duane Battleson
MotherDolores Anna Burstad

Herbert A. Bauch

b. 29 April 1912, d. 24 May 1992
Marriage* Herbert A. Bauch and Irene Lydia Roehrborn, daughter of Carl August Wilhelm Roehrborn and Ida Willemine Johanna Maria Bendler, were married. 
Birth*Herbert A. Bauch was born on 29 April 1912. 
Death* On Sunday, 24 May 1992 at age 80, he died. 
ChartsRoehrborn Family Tree

Duane Daniel Bauck

FatherRowland Matthew Bauck
MotherLillian Helen Siirila

Kendra Mayonne Bauck

Rowland Matthew Bauck

Marriage* Rowland Matthew Bauck and Lillian Helen Siirila were married. 

F. Baucom

Damon Robert Baudhuin

FatherDavid E. Baudhuin
MotherLinda Joy Sewell

David E. Baudhuin

Marriage* David E. Baudhuin and Linda Joy Sewell were married. 

Morgan Theresa Baudhuin

Allison Bauer

Andrea Mae Bauer

FatherRicky Robert Bauer
MotherShari Lee Sander

Anna Lille Marta Bauer

Marriage* Anna Lille Marta Bauer and Paul John Henning were married. 


Paul John Henning

Bertha Bauer

Marriage* Bertha Bauer and Otto Rose were married. 

Bruce Bauer

Cleora Marian Bauer

b. 9 February 1924, d. 15 December 2001
FatherRussell Bauer
MotherElsie Victoria Torgeson
Name Variation Cleora Marian Bauer was also known as Lee. 
Birth*She was born on 9 February 1924 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 22 August 1949 Cleora Marian Bauer and Melvin Wilford Kleist, son of Emil Arthur Kleist and Margaret Rosette Willmsen, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 15 December 2001 at age 77, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Cleora Marian Bauer on 20 December 2001 at Wisconsin, USA.. 
Burial Cleora Marian Bauer was buried at Minnesota, USA. 
ChartsKleist Family Tree
Mielke Family Tree
Steinke/Sternke Family Tree

Dale R. Bauer

Diane Frances Bauer

Marriage* Diane Frances Bauer and Joseph Nicholas Hentges were married.